UV monitoring wristband

UV monitoring wristband

It’s well known that it’s essential to apply sunscreen being outside during the hot sunny days. But sunscreen is not a panacea — it loses its action some time afterwards and needs to be reapplied. How to know the exact time when to do it? The new device, UV monitoring wristband, designed to replicate the effects of the sun on your skin, will tell you that.

Once you’ve applied your first round of sunscreen to yourself, spare a little for your sun monitoring bracelet. UV SunSense wristbands provide you with a simple sun-sensitive gauge through color change that alerts you when you need to reapply sunscreen or when to get out of the sun for preventing sunburn. When it’s time to reapply, the bracelet will turn light pink and the text “SunSense” will disappear; it also turns pale yellow when you should cover up and keep out of the sun

The UV SunSense bracelet is a functional accessory that will be perfect for summer vacations — just don’t forget to put it on when you go to the open-space activities.

UV monitoring wristband cost $7 for a 7-pack. Customer reviews are questionable: somebody praises the product because the bracelet saved him/her from sunburns, other believes it useless if the skin has resistance to the sun at all — the wristband gets light too fast.

Website: www.amazon.com.

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