Travel bag with a seat

Travel bag with seat

Every inveterate traveler is familiar with long waiting at airports. A lot of flights departure with delays, especially charters — in some countries they are late in 50% of cases. And if you are made to wait in check-in halls where seats are in a deficit your legs and back feel sore from standing in one place. In such a situation a travel bag with seat could be a solution to the problem.

An item in Sitting Pretty line by Walkin’Bag is more than just a bag. It consists of two detachable parts: cart and bag itself. There is a foldable seat on the cart – simply lift it up, set it in place, and sit down for a quick rest. Besides the seat there are a couple of conveniences too: 6 levels of handle height and a water bottle pocket. The bag of water repellent fabric are attached to the cart by hook and pile fasteners and altogether their weight is about 6 lbs (3 kg).

Travel bag with seat
Travel bag with seat

Durable folding seat holds up to 300 lbs. It’s enough for many people though the seat is not very convenient for big guys, because it’s surface dimension is just 9″ × 9″ (23 cm × 23 cm).

Sitting Pretty bags are produced in different colors and modifications. The prices are between $125 and $165.

Travel bag with a seat will be a wonderful convenience for anyone traveling, but especially for people with physical disabilities, balance difficulties or leg fatigue.


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