Suitcase with Shelf Stand

Suitcase with Shelf Stand

The era of traveling has impacted in much extent on development of suitcases as an essential part of every journey. New suitcases are smart and provide a wide range of functionality. Every next model, presented by different startups, was trying to accumulate and increase technical achievements of its predecessors. American startup decided to point out the main feature in their new suitcase ShelfPack — to provide easy and comfort access to all luggage garments.

ShelfPack is a suitcase with built-in shelves and innovative, patent pending design. Everything that is inside the suitcase will always be within reach and in perfect order due to four telescopic shelves and three front pockets. ShelfPack will be perfect for family trips as well as for business travels. In any case it will be easy to access any item without damaging the overall order. It is like a kind of portable closet.

Despite the presence of a built-in shelf construction, suitcase ShelfPack looks like a usual luggage suitcase with the following dimensions: 14″×18″×26″ (28″ — height with wheels). Shelves and supports are raised up on 42″ in height, providing extra volume (6,365 cubic inches). The weight is 4.5 lbs (6.5 kg). To use the built-in shelves the one should unzip the suitcase, raise up supports and lift the shelf construction. That’s it — fast access to all items is provided in three steps.

Suitcase with Shelf Stand

The suitcase is made of rugged, durable material. Retail price of suitcase with shelf stand is $350 without delivery costs. According to schedule plan delivery to the early-birds are scheduled for August 2015, the second batch of suitcases is scheduled for November.

Funds obtained from Kickstarter’s campaign will be spent for development of new models, sizes, colors, and other suitcase innovations.

Suitcase with Shelf Stand



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