Suitcase with Fingerprint Scanner

Suitcase with Fingerprint Scanner

Suitcases become smarter and smarter. We’ve already heard about suitcases with built-in weighing scale, trackers and managing through mobile devices. A true fellow traveler now becomes smarter than ever having picked up and increased previous technique achievements. Space Case 1 is a new generation of cases with digital bio lock and perspectives to become the most high technology in luggage carrying.

Space Case 1 is one the most technologically advanced suitcases with new features, including:

  1. Fingerprint scanner;
  2. Global Tracker;
  3. Digital self scale;
  4. Power bank;
  5. Bluetooth speakerphone;
  6. Proximity sensor;
  7. Anti-Theft system;
  8. Virtual personal concierge.

All features can be controlled via a smartphone app Planet Traveler. Space Case 1 is made of polycarbonate, the lightest and most durable material! Telescopic retractable handle is made of lightweight aluminum and adjustable to height. Ergonomically designed top and side handles make it easier to lift the suitcase.

Global Tracker

Luggage frills

Digital bio lock with fingerprint scanner is the main tech innovation of Space Case 1. To open the suit case it is sufficient to touch biometric scanner with finger or to use Planet Traveler app. It automatically will be protecting your suitcase. Global Tracker application will take care about the luggage location and inform about it anytime. Innovative design of Space Case 1 let to build sensors directly into wheels to weight luggage hands free. The weight of luggage will be displayed via app even without lifting the case. Power bank (15,000 mAh) with two external USB ports and one USB port in the front pocket will be able to power all your electronic devices during the trip. Power bank is available only in hand luggage model.

Together with Bluetooth speakerphone it will be comfortable to work on computer while talking to friends or listen to music. Another tech feature is informing about luggage arriving to carrousel via text message. When suitcase reaches or leaves the relevant area proximity sensors will sound. With Anti-Theft function app will alert about luggage leaving. And the last but not least — personal concierge that will keep informed about flight status, gate number and so on.

Usability and durability of the suitcase

Space Case 1 is comprised of 2 variants: carry-on luggage (21.5”/55cm/35.6L) and check-in luggage (29”/73.6cm/115L). Suitcases are presented in conservative, calm colors as well as with bright prints.

Carry-on luggage Space Case is designed with built-in pocket for laptop (max 15.6”) and electronics with easy access to it.

PlanetTrveler Company provides its customers with 10-year warranty for repairing. The company position the case as world’s first virtual warranty supported by the cloud protection. In case of damage the owner will have to send a photo of defective parts to claim center via installed application. New spare parts are promised to be delivered within 24 hours. Modular parts are easy to replace by yourself with a simple screwdriver. As for prices: carry-on luggage will cost USD 600–800, check-in luggage — USD 700–900. Estimated date of shipping is November, 2015.

Based upon successful company that has been launched at Kickstarter, travelers of 21 century prefer “smart” and safe trips for their life and luggage.



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