Quick Access Backpack

Quick Access Backpack

No matter how many times you put things in order in your backpack, it lasts until you need to pick up at least one thing. Generally, it’s very inconvenient to remove backpack every time you need to reach something. New modern backpack Paxis is going to provide its wearers with “quick access” to most essential subjects, thus avoiding boring hassles.

Backpacks are often accommodating people. They especially actual for those who prefer outdoor rest and activities. They help in fishing, biking, traveling, and other kinds of activities where one needs convenient conditions, free hands and essential subjects within the reach. Therefore, Paxis is designed to provide backpackers with free access to essential garment. It is possible due to innovative ARC swing technology.

The idea to create backpack with ARC swing technology belongs to Paul Vierthaler who spent on a remote island about 30 years. During his “wild” life he realized all inconveniences of standard backpackers and decided to eliminate them. After Paxis design has been created Paul Vierthaler consulted with welder and constructed the first samples.

Quick Access Backpack

Paxis backpacker is interesting with its innovative ARC swing technology that provides easy and quick access to most essential gear by swinging the small bag block from back to front. This bag compartment named as swinging pod can storage the main content within the reach. Upon that the rest of the backpack remains on its place. To get the swing pod to the front side there is a shoulder pull.

There are different types of models presented on the official website. Paxis backpacks are made of waterproof ballistic fabric NYLAR and fitted with a pocket for a tablet, waterproof zips, ventilated back, built-in wallet and swinging pod. Paxis backpacks are presented in a range of bright colors.Sophisticated backpack will be appreciated not only by lovers of tourism and outdoor activities, but also by photographers. This invention will allow them to remove camera, lenses, memory cards, and anything they need much faster and easier. Prices for Paxis backpacks vary a little depending from dimensions. The smallest backpack (18” × 12” × 7”) with 5 lbs capacity shuttle pod costs USD 239, larger size model (20” × 12” × 7”) — USD 249.There is even a First aid backpack — USD 275.

Website: www.paxispax.com.

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