Protective bottle package

Protective bottle package

Since inflatable hanger mostly will be appreciated by women, men will find more useful protective bottle package. After traveling to beer/wine country men’s suitcases are usually full of pleasant alcohol liquids. But threre is a chance to break the dear cargo and find a lot of glass pieces with spoiled clothes after arriving to your homeplace. To protect bottles during transportation Magellans created special package “Bottle Armor”.

‘Bottle Armor’ protective package cushions your bottle so that it doesn’t break in your luggage. It’s made out of durable leak-proof nylon lined with a layer of protective padding. Also ‘Bottle Armor’ features include a see-through window, two extra-strength zip-top seals and a Velcro fold-over flap to prevent wine from leaking into your suitcase should breakage occur. It even includes a corkscrew for convenience.

Protective bottle package is sold for $21.85 for a set of two. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur you will appreciate the benefits of this travel essential.

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