iPhone travel case

iPhone travel case

Being on a plane, train or car it’s sometimes more interesting to watch a movie on your iPhone then gaze into the window or on nearby passengers. The only problem is having to hold the gadget. Watching the iPhone in hands your upper limbs and neck get stiff after about ten minutes. But now there is a solution — iPhone travel case Seat Buddy.

Seat Buddy holds your iPhone or iPod touch securely as it hangs from an airline tray, car headrest or glove box. Developed by an airline pilot, it features a wraparound design that cushions and protects your phone so there’s no need to worry about turbulence or bumps in the road. Its rubber silicone straps pinch between airline seat-back trays and easily attach to car headrests (or even treadmills’ displays) via the included hook-and-loop fastenings. Instead of having to buy an expensive DVD player, if you have an iPhone or iTouch, you can now just hang it in front of you.

iPhone travel case Seat Buddy with changeable straps costs $29.99. Soon there will be a Seat Buddy for iPad.

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