Inflatable travel hangers

Inflatable travel hangers

Many women travel with a huge amount of garments. So there is not enough hangers available in a hotel room for them. The problem may be solved by going the aluminum or plastic folding travel hanger route, but inflatable hangers seem a better solution since they take up less room in a suitcase when deflated and weigh next to nothing. But in the inflated state they should be able to support most garments and keep clothes in “good form” because of its rounded shape.

There are several examples of inflatable hangers, perfect for traveling. Swedish Bosign online shop offers hangers named “Blow Up”. They are quite simple – just alluminium hook and inflatable tube with a couple of different designs. They cost 69 krona or $10 for two.

Travelon inflatable hangers are more “advanced” than their predecessors. They offer not only a slot for additional pants or skirts, but also feature tiny hooks for garments with straps. The price is the same — $9.85 for two.

Inflatable travel hangers

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