Funny suitcase stickers

Funny suitcase stickers

Standing in the line to get your baggage at the carousel, you may pick many bags for your own one – standard sizes, similar styles and colors easily mask your luggage amongst a sea of black bags. Now you may take a stand against monotonous travel with funny Suitcase Stickers. Designed to stick to anything, they will cause smiles making suitcases easily identifiable.

Available in several shocking designs, you can feign a kidnapping, a little drug smuggling, cash trafficking or an unhealthy obsession with sex toys. This should ease the stressful, my-flight-is-delayed and I-just-paid-forty-bucks-in-overweight-fees situation. Caution: these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. As well-known they have bad sense of humor – a profession footprint – and may arrange an additional inspection of your luggage.

Canadian website sells funny suitcase stickers for $7.5 each (not including postage and packing).

Funny suitcase stickers


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