Ecocapsule mobile home


How often are you thinking about usability of your living space and the real need of the second or third bedroom? If you have thoughts of this kind, it is reasonable to pay attention to the Ecocapsule. This house of new generation will allow you to live off-grid anywhere in the world.

Ecocapsule is a low-energy house outfitted with a built-in kitchenette, flushing toilet and shower with hot water, bed, work space combined with dining area, two openable windows. There are also internal and external storage spaces for sport and research equipment. It makes possible to take long and comfortable off-grid stay in any point of the world.


This small eco-house is powered by built-in wind turbine with solar cells. Containing dual power system and powerful battery, the system ensures enough power supply even when the sun and wind activities are low. Ecocapsule surface area (2.6 sq. m) is covered with high-efficient solar cells. In addition, retractable wind turbine (750 W) is attached to the Ecocapsule body. Collection of rainwater and dew is possible due to spherical shape of the Ecocapsule. Built-in filters allow using all water resources. The whole system will allow living automatically off-grid during about one year.

Ecocapsule mobile home internal area is about 10 sq. m, nevertheless it comfortably accommodates two adults. It is easy to ship Ecocapsule worldwide by sea, land or air. It perfectly fits standard shipping container and do not require any special conditions for transportation.


Ecocapsule is designed by Nice Architects from Slovakia and now takes pre-final stage of readiness. Ecocapsule is promised to be finished till the end of the year 2015. The shipping and official sales are promised to start in the first half of year 2016. There are no official data about prices, but approximate shipping fees are already announced. They will range from EUR 1500 (Slovakia—Melbourne) up to EUR 2700 (Slovakia—Johannesburg) for long-distance delivery. It makes to believe that the price for Ecocapsule won’t be less than shipping fees. Besides wide opportunities for tourists, Ecocapsule can become efficient solution for independent researchers and explorers.



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