Compact beach tent

Compact beach tent

Southern sun burns down Northern skin at a moment. So we need sunscreens and shade. Not every beach has [free] umbrellas but you may bring the shade along. Common outdoor canopies are often difficult and time-consuming to set up, bulky and heavy to carry, blow over in the wind, and block your view of the surroundings. Compact beach tent by Neso is something different.

Neso tents are lightweight, easy to carry and set up, and provide enough of shade for two adults or three kids. The tent size is 80″ × 80″. To install a tent, it needs to be laid out flat with the cords outstretched. The four attached bags then need to be filled with sand or rocks to hold the tent firmly in place, the cords pulled taut, and the poles extended to prop the tent up. It will then maximize shade, optimize views, and protect against the elements.

The high quality lycra-blend material includes a water-resistant formula and it provides UPF 50+ to block 98% of UV radiation.

Compact beach tent by Neso weighs only 3.92 lbs and can be easily transported as a usual shoulder bag. The stylish canopy is available to purchase for $89 online in a choice of three colors.


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  1. 1

    I had purchased one of these for the beach this year. It lasted exactly 2days before I gave up on it. While it would stand up to the wind without an issue, the problem is as the day continues the wind changes direction. What was setup in the AM would not work in the PM so it ment constant changes to the direction of the material, pools, ect. Extremely annoying, not worth the aggregation.

  2. 2

    Agreed- these tents suck!!!!! We have one and its impossible to use when the wind picks up even a bit. Super bummed we spent so much money on it. Not sturdy at all

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