Camera mounts

Camera mounts

Travelers take many photos during their trips, but most group photos lack the person holding the camera. The following solution for hotels, cruise ships and popular tourist places (patronized by local authorities or travel associations) lets visitors get everyone in the picture. Enter the fotopol, a camera mount for tourist spots.

Fotopol is a strategically placed camera mounting system on which visitors can place and secure their own camera, select the angle of shot and take a time delay photo of their entire group in front of a valued location.

Australian fotopol sells two models of its camera mounts. The fotopol stand is a freestanding, permanently fixed camera mount. It’s made from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, has six color options and a place for advertising on the front panel as well. The fotopol balcony series targets cruise ships and hotels. The permanent camera mount gets attached either inside or outside the door frame of the balcony and helps to capture a more intimate photo. The balcony series comes in white; custom branding is available.

The emotional value of the photos, with both of the couple in the frame, is much higher. So camera mounts may be a powerful marketing tool, generating return voyages and referrals to others. If you work in travel industry think of that.


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