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Idea of using unusual things as advertising media is not a new one: for example, there are projects providing adverts on windows and on mobile phone locking screens. Orion Company offers travelers a possibility to use their luggage as advertising “billboard”; instead, it pays baggage fees in the airports (overweight fee, payment for additional luggage place, etc.) for the client.

The company is going to produce suitcases sponsored by advertisers; they will become so called “mobile luggage billboards”. Subscribers will get a set of two 4 wheel trolley plastic hard-shell suitcases (21 inch and 25 inch). 2-year warranty is provided. The subscribers will also obtain gift cards covering their round-trip expenses for baggage fees (up to 6 times per year). Membership in this program is free during the first 6 months. Thereafter users shall pay $19.99 per year.

Gary German founder of Orion

I started the company because I was paying over $300 in baggage fees for my family to travel via an airline. Plus at the baggage carousel was always an ordeal, because all of our luggage looked like everyone else’s. I wanted to do something that was a win-win for everyone.

To customize suitcase design and for travelers to be able to find it quickly on the luggage carousel, customers will be able to choose from various designs of luggage back side in form of interchangeable graphic skin. Customers are allowed to order new skin on the website up to 4 times a year. Another side will contain adverts from sponsors; it can also be chosen from a number of proposed variants and can be represented by a hotel chain, a resort, a cruise line, a TV show, a mobile carrier, a retail chain, an amusement park, etc. Brands will benefit from the fact that billions people per week all over the world will see their adverts. By the way, Orion is going to pay baggage fees of its subscribers not only in the airplanes but also in the trains, buses, ferries and cruise liners.

After the project launch, Orion is going to implement a number of additional goods and services including smart suitcase able to alert its owner in case if it is handled roughly or it is opened (expected price: $139) as well as various club advantages for subscribers.


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