Volcano boarding

Volcano boarding

If you are a fan of active or even extreme holidays you must like to slide down the mountain covered with… ash. Volcano boarding — sometimes called ash boarding or volcano surfing — is the program of Bigfoot Hostel and Green Pathways Tours in Nicaragua.

Volcano boarding has evolved on the slopes of Cerro Negra (lit. Black Mountain), one of the world’s volatile volcanoes. It is similar to snowboarding and its derivative sandboarding, but the surface is rough and consists of ash and volcanic stones.

Cerro Negra volcano

The tour begins with 45 minute drive to the volcano. After the same amount of time and a lot of shed sweat the tourists get to the top. There one can enjoy the picturesque scenes, see the smoky volcano activity, run into the crater and prepare to the fast slope. The clients may choose to slide sitting or standing — the latter offering both a speedier (up to 50 mph or 80 kph) and safer ride. The ply, metal and formica boards are made in the organizers’ workshop, stand-up and sit-down models are different. Also the volcanoboarders are supplied with protective gear like jump suits and goggles, because there is a risk of falling off and getting cut.

Volcano boarding

The whole volcano boarding tour lasts about 4.5 hours — just one third part of the day, and costs just $28.

Phillip SouthanPhillip SouthanBigfoot Hostel owner, tour organizer

Volcano boarding is a unique tour as nowhere else in the world can you board down an active volcano. What we offer is a tour for everyone with absolutely no experience necessary. One of the greatest attractions of the tour is that you get a bit of everything. Nicaraguan rural culture, hiking, amazing views, walking in an active volcano and then of course the high adrenaline boarding down the volcano.

Website: www.bigfoothostelleon.com.

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