Soccer Resort

Soccer Resort

The current World Cup is over soon and it’s time to get up off the sofa and try the game yourself. Why not combine your passion for soccer with a fun vacation to a new destination? The travel company Soccer Resort does just that. Since 2003, this company has organized competitive and recreational adult soccer tournaments in many cities in the US and other countries.

Soccer Resort puts a high emphasis on great hotels, and excellent quality soccer fields. You may sign up for the tournament with your team of six players, or just travel on your own and be paired with a team. The travel weekends are for amateur adult soccer teams — with divisions for Open, Over 30, Over 40 and Masters (Men’s, Women’s and Coed soccer tournaments). Soccer Resort also organizes team-building events for North American and European companies where companies bring together employees either locally, or to a fun destination like Las Vegas, where employees will travel to, and connect in a fun, authentic, casual environment. Every year approximately 19,000 people travel and play with the Soccer Resort. There’s also a cash incentive to win! Winning teams and runners-up get $1000’s of discounts and creditcs for future travel trips with The Soccer Resort.

Soccer Resort was started by Niall Swan in 2002 in New York. Before starting the company, Niall was also a marketing consultant to Carlsberg for their soccer marketing initiatives in the USA and still he is an amateur soccer player.

Upcoming tournaments are scheduled for Boston, San Diego, New York, Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Iceland and Toronto in the following months. The price for taking part in Boston’s tournament for example is $309 (3 days / 2 nights, 2 people per room in Royal Sonesta Boston hotel). The package includes all tournament fees, tournament jerseys (souvenirs) and a post game party. You should get to the destination city by yourself.

Soccer Resort


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