Gold prospecting trips

Gold prospecting trips

Since gold fever is not as powerful as a century before, it still infects people. For those who wish to find gold in Arizona desert or just spend vacations in unusual way Arizona Gold Adventures (AGA) company offers gold prospecting trips in the Weaver Mountains — less than two-hours from Phoenix.

In 1863, a mountain man and U.S. Army guide, Paulino Weaver, led a small gold prospecting party northeast from Yuma, Arizona. They were looking for gold in what would become the “Weaver Mountains.” The precious metal was found. Since that first discovery hundreds-of-millions of dollars in gold has been recovered on and around that place. Large gold nuggets continue to be discovered. Now you may find some of them with your own hands.

Arizona Gold Adventures provides tourists with experienced gold prospecting instructor and gold claim guide. Panning, drywashing, sluicing, “gold nugget shooting” with metal detectors — that’s the short list of activities AGA’s clients do.

Gold prospecting trips

The company organizes trips for individuals or small groups of relatives, friends and colleagues. Prices for gold prospecting day trips start at $349 per person / $399 per couple. AGA gives significant discounts for additional guests. Nice bonus: the tourists keep all the gold they find! And Arizona Gold Adventures promises that gold will be found.

Gold seeking season starts in September and ends in June — the rest two summer months are too hot.

If you don’t like guided tours but want to try walking in gold miner’s shoes you may watch experts’ advices.


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