Travel into life

Travel into life

There are a lot of German retired couples in many tourist places around the world. But spouses rarely die on the same day even if they have lived long and happy life and people who have lost a loved one, often lose the taste to life and desire to travel accordantly. In Germany, leading travel company TUI has teamed up with grief counselor Fritz Roth to offer mourners a journey back into life to resurect the joy of being that used to be in them.

Starting this month, Reise Ins Leben (travel into life) is offering group holidays to the Mecklenburg Lake District, Spain, Portugal and Greece. The trips follow a specific daily rhythm: mornings are focused to quiet reflection, afternoons are about venturing into life by going to a beach or a museum, and evenings are devoted on life’s pleasures: enjoying a good meal, dancing or listening to music.

The groups bond quickly since everyone is going through the same process. The members offer each other support and encouragement as well as grief counselors accompanying all trips. The holidays provide an open and positive atmosphere, the time and distance needed to deal with such a key stage in life.

The company advises participants to travel without family or friends and wait three to four months after a loved one’s death before going on a trip.



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