Tours for late sleepers

Tours for late sleepers

Each person feels comfortable to live by his own schedule. Somebody rise up early in the morning and cheerfully works, other prefers to sleep in and feels best at evenings and nights. Some companies should take that fact into account – especially travel agencies which clients have to cross several time zones and become early risers or late sleepers not by choice. Small California-based travel company Executive Tours understood that and started special tours to Europe.

There is a huge time difference between the USA and many European countries. No wonder why American tourists don’t happy to wake up early in the European mornings to see any wonderful sights and take part in any activities. Executive Tours offers a series of what it calls Crack of Noon Tours, designed for those who don’t consider themselves “morning people”. Under the program the company never schedules any activities before noon.

We firmly believe that travel is enjoyed much more when one is rested and relaxed — not herded and rushed. With Crack of Noon Tours, you will never hear the phrase, “bags out by six AM”.

First guided tours for late sleepers took places in Italy in 2009. As program became popular and profitable this fall besides Italy late American sleepers can visit France. An 11-day trip to France is priced at USD 3,290 per person, not including airfare and transfer; a 12-day trip to Italy costs USD 3,375.

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