Terminal for Animals

Terminal for Animals

Not all passengers can easily endure flight. So, it is not hard to imagine that it is a kind of stress for animals as well. First the go through travelling in a cage-carrier in a crowded airport with a stint in quarantine, and finally — a long-lasting and boring flight. In order to make animals’ life easier, a new terminal named The ARC is going to be built in JFK, New York. The ARC will cost USD 48 million and will be able to provide animals with warm welcome and hospitality before flight.

Area of the terminal for animals will be about 16,500 square meters. It is going to open next year at the place of Vetport Animal situated on the territory of JFK airport. New Terminal will be fitted with stalls for cows and horses with climate control, trees for cats to climb freely and an aviary. Dogs, who are the most beloved pets, will be provided with luxury amenities before flight in special “paradise” for dogs named Paradise 4 Paws equipped with flat TVs, therapist massage, and bone-shaped swimming pool for having water fans. Paradise 4 Paws is already presented in three other airports in America.

The ARC Terminal is designed for easy transportation of animals directly to aircraft and vice versa for reducing injury risk and animals’ stress when transporting. The cost of staying in The ARC terminal will depend on the category of animals being transported and services provided. The new terminal will be able to serve up to 70,000 animals per year.

Such pre-flight service from JFK will not only alleviate animals staying before the flight, but also minimize the hassles and inconveniences of animals’ owners during flight registration.

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