Mini Fashion Bar with Clothes

Fashion Mini-bar with Clothes

Mini-bars in hotels are real treats for human nature. It’s hard not to taste snacks, sweet bars, beer and other delicious food from mini-bars, because they are in direct accessibility. French fashion brand of women’s clothes Pimkie decided to take on this tiny rebound and adopted a handy format to sell clothes and accessories of latest collections just right in hotel rooms.

The unique trading concept named Mini Fashion Bar was created together with advertising agency Happiness Brussels. It is created in the image and likeness of a standard mini-bar but with garments inside. Fashion mini-bar with clothes and accessories is aimed at those young ladies who always forget something when packing. And essentially, are there any women who go back from new stylish outfit?

Fashion Mini Bar is integrated directly in closets of hotel rooms and offers various closing sets including coats, shoes for comfort walking, sunglasses and other items. Collection sets are always selected according to place of stay, weather conditions, events that are going to be held and other features. Mini Fashion Bar enables to browse through clothes unhurriedly, try garments on and even to order relevant sizes from fashion concierge. Any garment can be worn immediately and paid only when checking out.

The first Mini Fashion Bar started at the Banks Boutique Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium. But French fashion brand is going to promote its collection in mini-format further in hotels of Barcelona, Milan, Berlin, Paris and other European cities.


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