Luxe Home Swap

Luxe Home Swap

Not everyone feel comfortable living in hotels. There are people preferring home coziness to bed linen change every day and buffet service at breakfasts. A British start-up decided to provide a new hotel alternative to such people and created a home-swapping service aimed at the upper echelon of homes. Luxe Home Swap allows people with high-end dwellings to swap accommodation with others all over the world.

UK-based Luxe Home Swap stresses, that “Luxe” homes don’t necessarily have to be luxurious — rather, they simply need home feel and an attractive location. Examples currently on the site include a large apartment of 210 sq. m. with designer furniture near Kremlin in Moscow, a small 1-bedroom apartment in Times Square as well as a modest accommodation unit with nice terrace in Barcelona’s center.

To use the service, homeowners simply pay a 115 euro annual membership fee and begin browsing the homes listed on the site. Once they find one they’d like to swap with in the desirable travel point, they contact the owner to discuss the details via secure messaging and sign a digital contract. Of course the contract is not a sure remedy from confusion and frauds — trust is a big part of the success of any home exchange. By the way the annual membership payment is not just the way for Luxe Home Swap to get profit but also a method to keep undesirable persons off the service.

Members can make as many swaps as they’d like over the course of a year; Luxe Home Swap even gives a second year of membership free for those who didn’t succeed to find a suitable accommodations in their first.

Luxe Home Swap


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