Keyless Entry System for Airbnb Users

Keyless Entry System for Airbnb Users

In fact, all property owners on Airbnb are vacation property managers who have to control many lettings at the same time. To make their life easier, some startups have already proposed services and platforms optimizing this business. The new Parakeet service represents keyless entry system via a cloud-based dashboard for Airbnb users.

The new system allows a property owner to control remotely locks, thermostats and garage door. The key accent is made on “keyless” property access as the key exchange takes too much time and keys are often lost. Due to Parakeet, check-ins and check-outs are becoming more flexible, convenient and does not require the personal presence of the owner or his assistant. The same is with the garage doors. Parakeet transforms the guests’ mobile phone in the device for opening and closing garage doors. Owner, in his turn, can remotely control it as well. Thermostat control is provided in order to avoid energy wasting and save money. The system also includes temperature and flood sensors that can be controlled during rent period via cloud dashboard. It automatically reduces the risk of flooding or extreme temperature changes, which can lead to high-priced repair. The system automatically sends alarms as a text message.

To get access to the system the user connects his Airbnb account with Parakeet system. Then, every time when booking the system will automatically generate a one-time electronic key code and program the locks on the appropriate code. This code is sent to the guests before arrival, so they can use it to access the property anytime. The owner at the same time can monitor the process through the PC desktop or smartphone.

Parakeet platform has been designed by a skilled vacation real estate manager. The system offers a quick view and property status as well as detailed info. There are also filters to sort and range the properties for easier management. Parakeet designers are expecting that such a cloud “keyless” system may be applied in the other areas, such as co-working, and will help to run effectively even hundreds properties from one cloud service.


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