Internet for travelers

Internet for travelers

Internet access is as necessary as air nowadays. Many travelers are familiar with the difficulty and expense that can be associated with getting an internet connection while travelling. WiFi zones still are not everywhere and not always cheap or free, long-term subscription to 3G/4G services is not money saving either. But some alternatives for travelers exist.

New York-based RovAir provides 3G/4G wireless cards for internet access without an extended contract. To do that, the company itself maintains the necessary long-term subscriptions for data services with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, assuming the risk of the long term contract and monthly cost associated with it. It then offers those services in a day-pass format for those who need short-term but continuous access on the road. Coverage extends anywhere the provider’s cellular range goes, which can be searched on RovAir’s site. RovAir will ship the data card to the consumer express or by courier, and also provide return packaging. Costs depend on the number of days of use, beginning at USD 5.95 per day (when renting 30 days or more).

Not so long ago Finnish Zonga launched a like-minded service. It uses a 3G WiFi modem that’s compatible with any WiFi-enabled device. There’s no need to install anything, and the battery-powered device allows up to 5 simultaneous connections to the mobile broadband data network. Thus it can be used by several people at once. Pricing is 9€/day including unlimited data and all costs. Zonga’s service is currently available only in Helsinki, with pick-up and drop-off locations at the airport and some hotels (Holiday Inn for example).

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