Housing rent for cannabis-friendly travelers

Housing rent for cannabis-friendly travelers

Worldwide renowned service AIRBNB and the like companies continue to expand service range. Recently in this industry it was announced KinkBNB service connecting kink-friendly and sex-positive travelers and hosts all over the world. This time AIRBNB Company picked another category of customers — cannabis-friendly travelers. Now they can use service B&B (that means Bud and Breakfast) to travel at their leisure.

Simply designed service for unusual travelers provides every interested person with the possibility to rent or to house apartments for special purposes. This service also gives information about local dispensaries, event listings and house specials at the location. The price for each accommodation is determined individually by the host. In advanced search cannabis-friendly travelers can choose desirable property type and amenities which include fireplace, patio and much more other services including cannabis supply for guests.

It takes just a few steps to rent accommodation using B&B: to determine destination — price range — to make a choice from legalized countries and states. The final stage is to check out dates. Cannabis-friendly travelers can find many exciting propositions in American state Colorado, Hawaii, Uruguay and other points of the world with legalized cannabis.

It’s hard to give a unique and adequate estimate of B&B service because at first sight it looks a little bit inhuman. On the other hand, why not to pick this category of travelers if there is such a trend? If housing rent for cannabis-friendly travelers is in demand, and as can be seen from the site there is a great range of the relevant accommodations, this service could become commercially successful.

Bud and breakfast

Website: www.budandbreakfast.com.

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