Hotel for plants

Hotel for plants

“Hotel” for plants (Hotel Para Plantas) concept is the brainchild of experiential marketing agency Ogilvy Action for the Isla Azul shopping center in Madrid. With their free full-board hotel service for plants, providing love and attention, the mall tries to attract plants owners while they are on vacations.

During the experimental period between 1st July and 31st August, travelers who are concerned about their plants can take them to “Hotel” for plants, a designated floor at Isla Azul where they will be looked after by a team of professional botanists. All “visitors” are given personal treatments tailored to suit their needs, including water, light, spraying and pruning. There is even some security cameras so customers can rest assured their pots are in good hands.

The main goal of the campaign is to drive more visitors to the shopping center by responding to a real problem for travelers, building a customer database for the future direct marketing, and creating positive PR. Hope, the initiative will last longer and occur next season too.

Hotel for plants


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