Free Guide for Stopovers

Are you tired of long-distance flight across the Atlantic Ocean with stopovers? Now it may become much more pleasant with the innovative idea of travel service company Icelandair. Passengers who fly with Icelandair are invited to visit wonderful Iceland, to explore its culture, traditions, cuisine and do other things during stopover with a free guide in addition.

Already this winter Icelandair travel service company offers its passengers flying over the Atlantic Ocean to stay in Iceland for up to 7 nights without additional charges. It is expected that travelers and tourists are going to expense on numerous activities and recreation services. Furthermore, the company has envisaged free tour guide during stopover — one of Icelandair employees — to discover this country under all edges.

Intermediate trip tours with a free guide for stopovers are available for all passengers of Icelandair Company travelling from Europe to the USA or Canada. This option is available for all customers when booking flights. If desired, it is also possible to request stopover guide as accompaniment. And it does not affect the ticket price. Users can choose guides according to various activities: for adventures, health, nature, cuisine discovering, etc. Travelers will see what Iceland can propose to its tourists. All employees of the company, acting as guides, are diversified and go in for all kinds of exciting activities. Therefore, stopover tour promises to be a memorable one. Guided tours on request may include all kinds of activities ranging from mountain climbing to fishing.

The new idea features many advantages. It means not only tourism expansion for Iceland, but increase of demand for Iceland air flights. After all, with the new service, you can plan your trip and long-distance flight, getting maximum pleasure and minimum fatigue.


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