Climate of Your Destination at Push of Button

Climate Portal

We always dream about some magic button that can make our dreams true with one push. Some convenient buttons already exist on different types of electronics and appliances making our everyday life much more comfortable. New button that imitates climate of any point of destination was presented at Stockholm Arlanda Airport to help travelers feel weather before the flight.

The project was named according to its purpose — Climate Portal. It looks like a small cabin that can adjust climate conditions of any world point to the passengers going to this destination. This brand new device is placed at Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Terminal 5). There are three weather cabins that are available until August 31.

The system of Climate Portal is connected to Internet services that broadcast weather information and based on the data received it recreates relevant weather conditions in the cabins. The system includes temperature shifting machines as well as sound, wind and light regulators. So you make climate of your destination at push of a button.

Climate Portal cabins are labeled as Hot, Cold and Big. According to their names, boxes present countries with hot and cold climate and conditions of metropolitan cities (Big Box). Generally, the system presents more than 150 points of destination with the help of weather. The project is implemented in cooperation with Studio Noc.

Dev MalhotraDev Malhotra Studio Noc executive technical director

The Climate Portal translates the data from the weather stations across the globe directly into our physical world. In this way, you can experience the other side of the world by just stepping through a door.

Don’t think that Climate Portal cabins are made for fun. Besides bringing the joy, this project helps to prepare passengers for another climate conditions and to find out what to put better into the carry-on luggage according to the upcoming weather. It will be clear what items will be useful and essential in the place of destination after visiting smart weather boxes. Most of the essential items can be obtained in duty-free before the flight.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport wasn’t chosen accidentally. It is the biggest airport in Sweden and its passenger flow is constantly rising. So, it is going to become the main airport of the Nordic region. And this project could likely increase sales volume of duty-free shops.

Climate Portal


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