Two-in-One: Catamaran & Coworking Space


Coworking as a new type of arrangement of people’s work of different occupations has become very popular during last years. Coboat, a new project from London, is promoting this style of work making it much more interesting, exiting and even a little bit romantic.

Coboat is upgraded sailing catamaran currently able to provide up to 20 entrepreneurs and remote workers with beds and work spaces. Coboat opens to its inhabitants the opportunity to live, sleep, work, and “be online” while staying on board of eco-friendly boat sailing all over the world.

Coboat is 82-foot catamaran and coworking zone all at once. Coboat is fully self-sustainable due to electricity generated from solar and wind-powered energy and desalinated ocean water. Coboat is fully eco-friendly for environment. Residents of sailing catamaran will be provided not only with living and working spaces, but also unlimited 24/7 Wi-Fi as well. When sailing along the coastline Wi-Fi is provided by 3G & 4G technologies, and by last generation satellite communications when sailing at sea.


Being a part of one coworking zone, inhabitants of Coboat are encouraged to participate in community of Coboat, to share experience and skills, and to reach balanced internal environment. The atmosphere of Coboat is supporting harmony and exiting lifestyle. Any time an entrepreneur can leave working and switch to pleasant communication with like-minded, gain invaluable experience, or simply dive into the crystal waters. It also will be exiting and informative to interact with representatives of the most remote corners of the world, learn about local tribes, etc.


The geography of Coboat sailing is quite large. During next 12 months the boat will pass through the world’s famous geographical locations including Sri Lanka, Turkey, Canary Islands, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and other famous destinations.

Tickets for seven day voyage & coworking are starting from EUR 980 per a person. The price includes: living in a shared cabin, tree meals daily, water sport equipment, port fees and charges, and of course unforgettable lifetime.

It is not the first project proposing work place arrangement beyond walls of standard offices. But it is the first time when work arrangement is combined with eco-friendly boat and voyage all over the world.



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