Bike assembly station at the Portland Airport

Bike assembly station at the Portland Airport

Many cities in the world are becoming green stimulating their inhabitants and guests to choose sustainable modes of transportation. Although air travel may not be sustainable, but it’s becoming increasingly easy for people to choose a greener ride to and from the airport. The Portland International Airport authorities have decided to do their best to help bicycle enthusiasts and set up a bike assembly station.

Portland is already well-known for its bicycle-friendliness and it even has a bike path connecting to the airport. Located on the airport’s lower terminal roadway, the new bike assembly station will enable people travelling with bicycles to more easily assemble and disassemble their bikes before and after flights. It offers a workstand with two clamps, basic tools (pump, pedal wrench, etc…), and maps and other literature about biking resources in the region. Tools are loaned out through the Welcome Oregon kiosk. The assembly station is available 24/7, the kiosk – from 8:00am till 10:00pm.

With many travelers visiting Oregon and Washington to take advantage of bike tourism and to participate in the region’s many bicycle events, the Portland airport’s bike-friendliness makes extra good sense. According to PDX has been working to make this idea a reality for over two years (why so long?), after the idea sprang forth during a brainstorming session at the 2008 Oregon Bike Summit. PDX modeled their new facility after bike assembly areas at airports in New Zealand and British Columbia.

Bike assembly station at the Portland Airport

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