Welcome banners in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


Schiphol, one of Europe’s busiest (and best) airports, is now offering visitors to print out their own welcome banners to meet friends and family. Dutch company BannerXpress recently unveiled there its new vending machine that dispenses canvas banners with customized “welcome home” messages.

The kiosk, also called BannerXpress, enables airport users to choose a size — 40cm, 1.3m or 3m, a font and background design for their banners and write text via a touchscreen. They can pick their message, whether that is “Missed you Mummy”, “Will you marry me?”, or anything else that makes them stand out from the crowd. The machine then prints out the banner on a canvas material in around 90 seconds for the 1.3m option. The vending machine accepts credit or debit cards and charges from €3.95 to €14.95 depending on the size of the banner.

The BannerXpress can be currently found at Arrivals Hall 2 but if it proves popular it will be expanded to more locations: airports and stadiums for sporting and music events.

Thibaud Bruna, who began developing the kiosk with co-founder Olivier Janssen three years ago, explains that they came up with the idea after seeing people at the airport with their own banners made of bed sheets and they thought it would be easier to make the banner at the airport.

Website: www.bannerxpress.com.

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