Accommodations for rent for kinksters


In various corners of our planet, we can already find nudist friendly or swinger friendly hotels “for adults only” and even sexually-oriented cruises. However, until recently, the niche of private homes rentals in this field wasn’t occupied. Now there is KinkBNB — service connecting kink-friendly and sex-positive travelers and hosts all over the world. It is similar to Airbnb — online-platform for people to rent out private lodging — but having such a piquant specialization.

Founded in 2015, KinkBNB is a marketplace for sex-positive travelers wishing to find and book fun locations and shared accommodations in various countries of the world.

Like popular Airbnb, KinkBNB site allows kinky visitors search for accommodations for rent from like-minded persons. Each listing contains a checking a box indicating whether or not it is “orgy friendly”. Users can also find on the website some of the most splendid and well-equipped “dungeons” for rent.

Every user can post a listing on KinkBNB website, which would appear after moderation. Besides, a host is not obliged to have special equipped playspace to add his listing; it is enough to have sex positive attitude to guests. KinkBNB collects 10% fee of each transaction: 7% are added to the guests’ payment and 3% are taken out of the hosts’ earnings.

KinkBNB founders explain that people who want to cross the line of traditional sexual behavior often face push-back and unacceptance in various fields of their lives. Such individuals also need to feel comfortable and safe on vacation and to have access to the spaces with similar sex-friendly and open-minded people. Regrettably, Airbnb and other popular sites cannot meet these requirements.

Ryan GaliottoRyan Galiotto KinkBNB co-founder

I have been working in and for the sex positive community for many years in San Francisco, and the idea for the site] started with a friend having her guest room dropped from a popular accommodation share site for being too provocative. That’s when the niche was discovered. It is difficult to travel with one’s kink. And we hope to ease those difficulties as well as [increase] the reach of the sex positive community.

Now KinkBNB offers about 20 listings for kink-positive accommodations for rent around the world, and the site is growing. The founders hope that they will soon be able to offer “guest room” to any sex-positive adult.


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