Swedish citizens promote their country via Twitter

Swedish lion Photo by Oleg Loman travelever.com.

Who knows a country better then its government bodies and travel agencies? Of course it’s common citizens. On December 10th the Stockholm agency Volontaire and the tourism group Visit Sweden backed up by the government started a new project called Curators of Sweden that allowed different Swedish citizens to control the @sweden handle.

The Twitter account is turned over to a different micro-blogger every 7 days. The people behind the Twitter notes, a teacher, a priest, a female truck driver and whoever else, are encouraged to write about life in Sweden, but may post about anything as well, and even include cursing. The first writer was Jack Wermer, a writer and marketer.

By giving the citizens themselves a voice in describing what it means to live in Sweden, the government increases the democratization of the country’s brand and becomes closer to ordinary people e.g. tourists. So if you would like to know Sweden inside follow it in Twitter.

Website: twitter.com.

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