Bikes for Refugees

Bikes for Refugees

While the main European countries are trying to solve the problem with a flow of migrants, one of London refugees launched The Bike Project to provide just arrived refugees with at least bikes as a means of transportation and teach them how to fix this transport if there is something wrong.

London has always been a center of refugees and now in terms of migration crisis it continues to accept refugees. When getting to London any refugee has to seek for asylum; it takes much time. During this period refugees cannot work. The only thing they have is GBP 36 per week and a temporary accommodation on the outskirts. Travelling to distant destinations by public transport in London costs much, so The Bike Project proposed the initiative to provide refugees with bicycles being in use and to explain how to fix this transport.

The Bike Project represents mix community of refugees, volunteers and mechanics who repair donated by Londoners bikes and help persecuted peoples. The refugees are engaged to visit repair workshops to know how to repair and maintain their transport in order. There are also classes teaching bike running, including classes for female only. According to statistics, about 27,500 bicycles are wasted every year in London, and around 13,500 refugees are seeking for asylum. As estimated, one bike could save up to GBP 20 per week (or 1,040 per year) to a refugee by eliminating transport costs.

All volunteers are welcomed in The Bike Project whether they can fix, donate or sponsor a bike. The Bike Project is accepting donations in bulk (ten and more) from shops, individuals and publics. Currently, besides accepting and repairing donated bikes The Bike Project is providing repair services. Raised funds are invested into the charity.


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