A Cat’s Eye View Tour

A Cat’s Eye View Tour

Adventures are always fun and exciting even if they happen in virtual, and even if they are captured through cat’s eye. Tourism Board in Onomichi, Hiroshima prefecture, feeling tough times found solution with the help of most popular Internet’s hero — cat. City’s view through cat’s eye may be not less panoramic than Google Street View seen through 360° cameras.

Visitors of Cat Street View project are invited to experience several routs and directions round the Onomichi trough the cat’s eye and with cat’s avatar. Following the route, virtual walkers meet on their way renowned Onomichi cats that is accompanied by cute images and backstories. Some routes are laid trough backyards, rooftops and other adventure sites, where cats can have a real joy. The whole travelling is happening in the atmosphere of real time street life with traffic sounds, people’s voices and suddenly appeared “meow”.

Of course, not everyone will be happy to apprise such unordinary trip through cat’s eye, but those who adore cats will really appreciate this chance. Besides, all means are good when it comes about tourism, especially if they are demanded.

A Cat’s Eye View Tour

Website: www.hiroshima-welcome.jp.

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