5 reasons why it’s better to have a travel fan wife

5 reasons Warm evening in Goa. Photo by Anna Lo.

1. They are always in good shape

Everyone knows that walking is useful for slenderness like any physical exercise, but it is not the only benefit of traveling. An additional point is that a person gets a lot of impressions from wandering which helps to increase endorphines — the hormone of happiness. Endorphines don’t only prolong growing older, they also improve general physical condition, helps you to be positive and it is a brilliant prophylaxis of stress. A person who travels a lot looks and feels more healthy and happy.


The beauty in Venice. Photo by Anna Lo.

2. They are wise and more open-minded

Traveling makes a person more interesting, wiser and better. When you always run into other cultures and different worldviews, you become more tolerant, sensible and open-minded. A passion to travel shows enthusiasm for life. You are keen on experience, getting impressions and looking at the world with wide-open eyes. Anyone who truly takes an interest in life, of the world and people around, automatically becomes interesting to other people. He is like a vessel filled with positive and happy impressions. It is very pleasant to drink from it.


Talking about women rights in the world with local girls in Delhi. Photo by Anna Lo.

3. They are unfussy and quick off the mark

It is not a secret that women need comfort and coziness more than men. They are more delicate and sensitive and sometimes it can be a problem for men. Women who travel frequently can look at the world easily. Such a wife is used to reconciling casual problems in traveling. She doesn’t only want high-level living circumstances and can rapidly make any place cozy. That is the reason why they are unfussy and quick off the mark in general. If your wife is someone like that, likely you will never see long arguments about where and how you should spend your vacation. A new place is a great idea in itself.


Pizza and beer are quite good when looking at Singapore. Photo by Anna Lo.

4. They can be happy by virtue of negligible things

The phrase «love in a cottage» they understand practically word-for-word. Women, who travel a lot, as a rule, prefer a non-material life. Such a wife will not demand the Caribbean, diamonds and fur for happiness. She is really modest. She can be happy by virtue of negligible things. For instance, she will be glad to get a new suitable travel bag or sunglasses. She can appreciate life and enjoy very simple things.


Spring in Paris. Photo by Anna Lo.

5. Both of you are likeminded

Every time when you are planning a vacation you get one half of a dream. This is an event that both of you are looking forward to. This is a source of a good mood in common and it will become a source of mutual pleasant memories, jokes, photos and recipes later. Even thanks to short travel you can learn to know each other better than some people do during their entire life time. Traveling makes you closer and makes you likeminded. Above all, when you decide to drop everything and go anywhere, who will understand and support you, better than such a wife?


Crazy family in Torino. Photo by Anna Lo.

P.S. Yes, that’s all about me 🙂

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