Virtual Trip from a Hotel Room

Virtual Trip from a Hotel Room

Hotel room service, as considered, means only in-time bedclothes changing with sandwich any time. Now it won’t surprise anyone. But the same can’t be told about virtual trips right from a hotel room. Currently VR Postcards service is going to become a new schtick at some Merriott hotels.

Due to collaboration of Marriott Hotels and Samsung Company, residents of Marriott Park Lane Hotel in London and Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York are able to order incredible travel experience in virtual reality. The key to virtual reality adventures is VR Postcard set delivered directly to a hotel room.

Virtual trip can be ordered via hotel room service or mobile app Marriott where residents can place orders for all hotel services. After request is done, hotel service delivers Marriott set with headsets and Gear VR fitting from Samsung directly into hotel room. Marriott set priced at USD 900 is available round-the-clock. Visitors are offered to choose between three specially filmed VR Postcards with trip to the Andes Mountains in Chile, walk in Beijing, or a visit to ice-cream shop in Rwanda. VR Postcards present adventure trips of three travelers filmed in 3D technology with 360 degree view by Framestore’s Virtual Reality Studio. To follow the route of travelers, hotel residents just have to put on headsets and fitting and dive onto the world of adventures. Each trip tour lasts for several minutes. VR postcard service is available in some Marriott hotels or via Samsung Milk VR premium video service.

On the one hand, this technology provides wide opportunities for tourists and travelers to explore sites and places before visiting them. On the other hand, it could become a great marketing tool to transform a virtual journey into real tourist trips. For hotel management purposes it is a good leisure alternative and competitive advantage.


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