Underground hotel

Underground hotel

Hotels do their best to become noticeable for potential clients offering something unique and exclusive. It’s awesome then unusual services or fancy interiors cost reasonable price. Yotel hotel chain are arranging such a place in Central London, or to be more exact, under Central London.

The next Yotel location won’t be another high rise. Simon Woodruffe’s Yotel chain, famous for its capsule-style rooms that are offered at hourly rates, is constructuring a new branch in the old Kingsway Tunnels. That is a labyrinth of underground shafts that have been used as a reserve war room, an air raid shelter and a phone exchange during the Cold War.

Yotel has bought the new property for 5 million pounds. It can only be accessed by two unmarked doors on High Holborn, and are fully equipped with electricity, water supply and ventilation systems. The initial Yotel plan for the Kingsway Tunnels is for 100 – 150 capsules.

“It’s a winner for everyone from clubbers to business people who just want somewhere to have a shower and crash after a big night out. They don’t need a view or a gym or a restaurant, all of which you are paying for on your room rate at other hotels. With our rates from just 20 pounds per person per night, staying there would work out cheaper than a cab home,” said Yotel’s marketing director, Jo Berrington.
Underground hotel

Website: www.yotel.com.


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