Quiet hotel

Quiet hotel

When going on holidays, travelers take every precaution to guarantee that their trip goes in a suitable way, but many tend to disregard one extremely important factor: sleep. Crowne Plaza Hotel, however, has found a solution to that problem. It has unveiled rooms designed to help the long-suffering partners of snoring sleepers get a quiet night’s sleep.

The Crowne Plaza — which has more than 300 hotels in many countries — is already well-known for its Sleep Advantage program. It restricts all room attendant, housekeeping and engineering activities in “Quiet Zones” between 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. Rooms in the “Quiet Zones” are equipped with many pillows, plush duvets, luxurious sheets, lavender sprays to promote relaxation, earplugs and eye masks to block out unwanted sounds and light; all elements intended to provide guests with a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Now the Crowne Plaza chain is going even further. It is implementing anti-snoring technology in its rooms. UK research suggested that over a half of couples lose between one and five hours sleep a night due to the snoring of their partners. Based on proven technology, the “snore absorption” rooms have been given a set of extra features Crowne Plaza believes could help reduce snoring: walls of the rooms have been soundproofed with “egg box style foam”; white noise machines near the beds drown out the noise of snoring; for the snorer, the room features an anti-snoring bed wedge, designed to keep the person in a position reducing the chance of the tongue falling backwards, a cause of snoring.

Now if your partner snores you know which hotels to stay in.

Quiet hotel

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