Cheap Accommodation for Job at the Bookstore

The Open Book

Bookshops are experiencing today tough times. E-libraries with all possible kinds of books, e-books, and other devices have successfully replaced old paper books with pages and print smell. All this led to shutdown of bookstores during the last decade. But while others are folding their business, bookstore The Open Book, vice-verse, has found a new way to engage customers. The main attraction is cheap accommodation for job at the bookstore. Exclusive rest is offering accommodation in exchange for performing some job in the store. It won’t cost much.

The Open Book was launched in Wigtown, Scotland, in 2014. This atmospheric project was created in order to engage talented and creative people to a small seaside town Wigtown, Scotland’s National Book Town. The main idea of the project is to raise people’s awareness of problems bookstores are facing up with and, of course, to show Scottish hospitality to people all over the world.

The Open Book

The working holidays in a cozy bookstore on the seaside are available for everyone at the price of GBP 22 per night or GBP 150 per week. A tourist is offered a bookstore and accommodation upstairs consisting of one bedroom with one bed and one bathroom. The flat is intended for two persons. The experience of staying here includes regular duties of bookseller along with opening and closing of the shop, books selling, window dressing, as well as any volunteer work. According to the rules of the booking project the bookstore is recommended to be open for customers during 40 hours a week. But it is a matter of a tourist what schedule of work to choose. Besides, everyday work, residents of book accommodation are encouraged to keep a blog about their experience of staying and managing of the bookstore. Thus, the trip to the Wigtown means having a rest on a peaceful place along with real experience of store managing for a week or two.

Accommodation in The Open Book can be rent via Airbnb service for at least six nights. The self-catering apartment is fitted with all necessary amenities including Wi-Fi and notebook, but there is no TV/Cable TV. Bicycles can be also provided for those who like to search out surroundings being wheeled, because Wigtown (Galloway) is considered as one of the most beautiful sides in Scotland. A car is highly recommended there as well. The residents of The Open Book are expected to contribute to development of Wigtown and particularly to the bookstore The Open Book. Everyone here can become a part of the history of Scotland’s National Book Town — Wigtown.

The Open Book


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