German Hotel Offers Old Beer Barrels As Beds

Landhotel Beverland

Germany is famous for its beers. It is no wonder that the country’s visitors take with great pleasure everything about beer and beer entourage serves as a powerful tourist’s attraction. Landhotel Beverland, located near Münster, don’t sit back from people’s needs and offers several rooms with old beer barrels as guest beds.

The hotel has converted large beer barrels from the local Pott’s Brewery into double beds. Those barrels were used for over 100 years to age and transport Pott’s malty beer. An opening is created by cutting a half-circle from one of the end caps. With its arched ceiling, it’s like a cozy bunk bed. There are a total of three beer rooms for the price of $136 per night.

The beer room has two additional beds, so if you don’t want to feel like Diogenes you can sleep in more common facilities. In addition to the barrel many different items from the environment of the cool barley drink can be found in the room.

Guests of Landhotel Beverland can use another 19th century barrel that has been converted into a sauna. The price is unknown but it is said when guests return to one of the beer barrel rooms, cold glasses of beer are waiting.

Landhotel Beverland


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