Pantone Cafe

Pantone Cafe

Restaurant business is more and more transforming into a real art, combining fine dining with unusual dish presentation, original features and other restaurant accessories individuating food outlet. Another out-of-the-box solution is Pantone Cafe where visitors can taste the whole rainbow of colors and even partake the color of black coffee. Every menu item was inspired by Pantone color palette, and Cafe was named according to the famous system.

Extraordinary cafe was opened in Monaco. Cafe overlooks directly to beachfront and situated on the territory of Grimaldi Forum. At Pantone Cafe visitors will be able to taste Mango 17-1446 ice cream, Strawberry Pink 16-1731 eclair and drink a glass of Vibrant Orange 16-364 juice. Every menu item is inspired by one of 2058 colors of Pantone Goe system and developed by Monaco Restaurant Group in cooperation with Pantone company. Every menu item will include color code according to the system.

Pantone Cafe

“Pantone Cafe aims to add another sensory element to color and food by urging guests to ‘taste the color’. Every item sold in the Pantone Cafe has a corresponding Pantone color code, combining vision, taste and design for sensual culinary experience,” says representatives of Pantone Cafe.

Thierry Paludetto, executive chef of Monaco Restaurant Group, personally worked on color samples choosing from the Goe palette and then transformed them into snacks and drinks. Pantone The executive chef made a great work to select proper “culinary colors” to create unforgettable sandwiches, ice-cream, and pastries.

Pantone Cafe

Not only menu items correspond to Pantone color palette, everything is subject to the rules of this system: from napkins and bottles of water to the color of the container where the store is placed. Even each of three coffee machines is presented in Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow that symbolizes the CMYK color model. All caffeinated drinks are also conveniently fitted in the Pantone color palette: Black coffee 19-1111, Tea 16-0213 and Cafe au Lait 17-1227.

Noemie Montalbano Monaco Restaurant Group representative

What makes PANTONE CAFE’s concept so original and unique is the association of a taste to a Pantone color, a true psychological link. For the first time, people are able to color coordinate their lunch and taste the colors.

While Pantone Cafe as pop-up version is going to be open until September 9, Monaco Restaurant Group is working toward opening a permanent point.

Pantone Cafe


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