Menu According to Blood Type

Menu According to Blood Type

More and more people today are trying to follow healthy lifestyle and keep up healthy eating. Science in its turn encourages followers of healthy habits with new researches and discoveries. Having picked up the healthy theme, visitors of Thai restaurant are offered menu according to blood type.

In Asia many people are taking the view that it is blood group that determines the specific diet and exercise regime. Owners of a restaurant in Thailand decided to promote this assumption with the help of the menu compiled according to blood group. Each menu dish in the The Third Floor restaurant is accomplished with letters O, A, B, or AB that correspond to four blood types. According to the owners’ idea, these letters have to encourage visitors to choose dishes according to their blood type.

The Third Floor restaurant represents the full menu of Thai cuisine including various dishes made of meat, vegetables and fish. Every dish, besides letters corresponding to blood type, may also be marked by V letter for vegetarians. As follows from the theory, people having O type blood are recommended high-protein diet that is explained by historical appearance of this blood type during wild times of hunting and carnivorous tribes. For those with A type, vise verse, it is better to follow meet-free diet, because their roots are going away to era of agricultural development. Group B is encouraged to choose a balanced diet, while fourth group, which is considered a special one, is recommended dietary meat and fermented milk products.

It is not the first time when difference between people’s blood types inspires for creating something special. Thus, the Italian Trade House Blood Concept also drew inspiration from the bloody themes having created a line of perfumes to emphasize the human identity. Blood Concept presents a line of unisex fragrances called according to blood groups. But it is the first time experience for the restaurant business which can be implemented by other food outlets.


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