Night bushwalk tour

Night bushwalk tour

Spotting wildlife can be interesting even on a nighttime. Now Australians and their foreign guests can understand that by not only the Discovery Channel movies but also their own experience. Australian tour company Vision Walks has begun offering after-dark tours using night vision goggles.

The Night bushwalk tour starts in the town of Byron Bay next to the ocean where the tourists are picked up from their accommodations. An hour later the tour group with a trusted guide make its way through the Nightcap National Park armed with night vision goggles. The guides tells stories about how this unique region was formed and why it is one of the biodiversity hot spots in Australia.

During the 3.5–hour journey the tourists view nocturnal animals and birds such as possums, bandicoots, pademelons, frogs, koalas, owls and glow worms in their natural habitat without disturbing them with bright lights. This is the place where military technology serves a good cause. Unfortunately everything is green though a night vision goggles, but anyway it’s difficult to expect a riot of colors in the night.

Night bushwalk tour

It’s recommended to go for the night forest walk sober-headed, wear a pair of sturdy covered shoes, and bring a raincoat and a bottle of water.

When the walk is almost over the tourists enjoy a hot chocolate at the top of Minyon Falls gazing up at the starry night. After that everyone is returned to his/her pick-up point.

The Night bushwalk tour costs AUD 99 per adult and AUD 75 per child (group outing is cheaper).

The Night Vision Bushwalk is a truly unique experience — the only one of its kind in the world! The company patented the usage of night vision goggles in forest excursions.


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