The biggest baobab in the world

The largest baobab in the world

The Republic of South Africa is not just a home to the current world football championship. It’s a beautiful country with wonderful nature first of all. One of its remarkable pieces grows in northern part of the country for about 6000 years. This a giant baobab, famous not only for its age, but also for its size – it is considered to be the world biggest baobab tree — and a pub, located right inside the trunk.

The giant is approximately 47 meters in circumference and stretching 22 meters high. It is located on Sunland Farm (that’s why it’s called Sunland’s Baobab), near Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo Province. In 1993 the farm owners van Heerdens cleared out the hollow centre of the tree, removing masses of compost. The fact is that baobabs hollow naturally being over 1000 years old. In the process the van Heerdens discovered historical evidence of Bushmen, once lived in the tree, and artifacts belonging to the Voortrekkers, the Dutch pioneers who travelled through South Africa in the 19th century.

Once the work was done the family made a bar and a vine cellar with natural ventilation in that giant baobab. The trunk of the tree consists of two connected parts. Each of these parts has own hollows connected with a narrow passage. The bar can hold a lot of guests — once there was a party of 54 people inside — but the place has only 15 seats. More than 7,000 visitors (this June even more) come yearly from all over the world to see the largest Baobab and have a drink in its pub.

The biggest baobab in the world still blooms in spring (fall months in the Northern hemisphere) and is home to a variety of birds.

The largest baobab in the world


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