Top 10 Most Annoying Holiday Habits


The average Brit spends 11 days of annual leave on their summer holiday mostly with an organized tour group… full of annoying people. The research, which was commissioned by, examined British behavior abroad. Along with ‘Insane Instagrammers’ who continuously photograph restaurant dishes and bar drinks; children playing loud tablet games and people with selfie-sticks are the top reasons which can ruin the holiday mood.

Top 10 Most Annoying Holiday Habits

  1. Relentless Instagramming of every meal or drink consumed — ‘Insane Instagrammers’ (32%).
  2. Kids playing games on tablets at high volume — ‘App Brats’ (31%).
  3. Over the top, anti-social use of selfie sticks — ‘Selfie-Stickers’ (28%).
  4. Using Bluetooth/wireless speakers in public — ‘Speaker Smashers’ (25%).
  5. People who are back on their mobile as soon as the plane lands, before they even leave their seat — ‘Touch-down Talkers’ (21%).
  6. Face-timing in front of tourist attractions making it difficult for others to see — ‘Face-time Fanatics’ (12%).
  7. Unwanted Facebook friend requests from someone you met for two minutes at the hotel bar — ‘Social Stalkers’ (11%).
  8. Using an iPad/tablet to take photos at monuments and tourist attractions, blocking the view of those behind — ‘Tablet Tourists’ (10%).
  9. People who take pictures underwater on GoPro’s while in the hotel swimming pool — ‘Scuba Snappers’ (7%).
  10. Inexperienced users of flying camera devices for aerial shots on the beach, especially at sunset — ‘Droneys’ (6%).

But thanks God not everyone feels awkward in front of GoPro lenses.


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