Paying with Blood for Festival Tickets

Paying with Blood

Do not rush to line out such definition as barter. As practice shows, this kind of mutually beneficial exchange can be well fitted even in the 21st century. Thus, in New York for attending fitness club one can pay by cleaning and preparing the premises, in one of French restaurants it is possible to have meals for dishwashing, and in Scotland – to get discounted accommodation for job at the bookstore. New way of barter from Transylvania is a bit bloody in nature but serves completely humane purposes.

Generally tickets for music festivals are extremely high. To get to music event of such a scale for free, patrons and visitors often arrange volunteer projects such as rubbish collecting and other relevant works. This summer music festival Untold has shown unconventional approach and launched the project ‘Pay with Blood’, in order to solve the blood shortage problem in Romania. Promoters of the festival announced 30% discount for tickets for those who had donated blood in one of 42 transfusion centers in Romania before visiting the event.

According to statistics, in Romania only 1.7% of citizens donate blood, that is the second lowest rate in Europe. The festival got inspiration for this humane action from vampire stories and renowned novel ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker. Patrons could get 30%-discount on weekend tickets only after registration on the festival website and following blood donation. Besides, within the project it was available to donate blood in mobile transfusion unit set nearby the festival place and receive instead a free ticket per day.

It is not hard to guess that the ‘blood campaign’ in Romania this summer was very successful. In addition to a good cause for the Romanians, the project Pay with Blood brought popularity to the festival, which was held for the first time. The festival was visited by international stars such as David Guetta, John Newman among others.

Festival Untold demonstrated visual charity during the event time, but not after, as always happening. Romanian festival could become a great example and inspiration for events with other humane purposes.


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