Naked Cowboy and Naked Cowgirl

Naked Cowboy

If you’ve been to Times Square in New York in the last decade, you’ve probably seen the “Naked Cowboy”. In all kinds of weather, he’s out there strumming a guitar and getting bills for letting tourists take a photo with him. His real name is Robert Burck and he is a very business-minded guy. His nickname “Naked Cowboy” is a registered trademark and he sells franchise to other cities. But now the big NY’s tourist attraction in underwear is ornery because a “Naked Cowgirl” has moved into his territory.

The “Naked Cowboy” is asking Sandy Kane (“Naked Cowgirl”), a former stripper and comedian, to cease and desist or pay him a franchise fee. Burck has sold Naked Cowboy franchises to men and women before, but Kane using the same style in appearance doesn’t want to pay $5,000 for a year or $500 a month. Kane told the New York Post she has been naked for a lot of her professional life, and no way will she pay Burck for charging $2 to let tourists take photos with her.

It is also necessary to mention about music albums, autographs, DVDs, underwear, guitars and other stuff under Naked Cowboy trademark that Robert Burck sells on his site. And if Naked Cowgirl tries to sell something she will definitely be sued. Anyway you can find both the handsome “Naked Cowboy” in great shape and the pity old but funny parody “Naked Cowgirl” on the Times Square.

Naked Cowboy
Naked Cowgirl



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