5 Most Exiting Travel Commercials

Most Exiting Travel Commercials

A long ago we selected 5 best travel and tourism commercials ever. Of course each person means something its by “best”. That time we selected funny videos. Now we represent the most exiting travel commercials, where you will enjoy each scene, each sound, each effect the creators used. We think the such picturesque videos motivate people to tore away their… bodies away from chairs and pack their cases.

We must admit that Indian Ministry of Tourism orders wonderful travel commercials. In Incredible India series it shows how different the country is from south to north. This commercial is dedicated to Jammu and Kashmir state — the northern part of India. The video is a little bit dragged out because it abounds with slow motions but apparently the director Tassaduq Hussain and the production house Scrambledeggs filmed it with love to their country.

Dubai doesn’t appear a chaotic city. But unlike the commercial of Jammu and Kashmir its story is made as a time-lapse. Rob Whitworth tried to show all the interesting things and attractions travelers can find in Dubai and he definitely did it.

This Canadian commercial displays various activities you may find in any season of the year in Alberta. Northern nature is good for hiking, skiing, horse riding, fishing, glazing at mountains, waterfalls, calm lakes and pretty girls. Just choose the season right. The video is headlined “remember to breathe”. And yes, it’s truly breathtaking.

Australian agency STA Travel made three commercials in one style — quick scene changes. 3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38,000 miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and a terabyte of footage = the trip of a lifetime. Or equal to thee short videos. This one called MOVE.

A month ago VIDEO AND THE CITY festival ended in Moscow. According to its name the competing videos must show Russian capital in an interesting manner. A young guy from Kharkiv Kirill Neiezhmakov won the main prize of the festival in “time-lapse” category. He showed how beautiful Moscow is in a winter night (though winter is not the best time to travel to Moscow).

Do you agree that these are the most exiting travel commercials?

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