Underwater oxygen bar

Underwater oxygen bar

Tourists become more and more sophisticated and more often they make choice in favor of extraordinary activities giving them new unknown experience. Unique underwater oxygen bar was opened on the popular island of Cozumel, Mexico. There is no place in the whole world now where you can find similar entertainment.

Underwater oxygen bar Clear Lounge is based on innovative patented technology. It looks like a large glass tank full of water standing in the busy street. People inside the bar can see people outside and communicate with each other.

First guests fill in questionnaire containing questions about their heath, then they have short 5-minute safety briefing in form of video presentation. After that they go upstairs to the second level where they find water entry platform. Surface Attendant helps the clients to enter the water using a vertical ladder. When the water is at the shoulder level, attendant places SeaTREK transparent diving helmet onto the client’s shoulders. Safety Diver helps guests at the bottom of the tank and controls their safety.

SeaTREK helmet is very comfortable without getting guest’s hair or face wet and provides a great view of the underwater world. Every helmet has connected air line supplying cool air, enhanced filtered air or oxygenated aromatic air. There are no mouthpieces in it; people can breathe as usually through their nose and mouth. If a client prefers aromatherapy, he can choose between refreshing peppermint and eucalyptus, calming lavender and bright citrus.

Underwater oxygen bar

Once underwater, guests feel like astronauts on the moon. The near-zero gravity let them bounce at the bottom in slow motion. People in the underwater bar can dance, play underwater jenga, do the robot, shoot bubble guns and just have fun while breathing oxygen enriched air. They can also send messages each other using special underwater tablets. Underwater photo booth allows guests to make amazing photos. There is huge customized digital wall inside the photo booth acting as a background for the photos. The second Safety Diver assists guests wishing to take photos.

Each guest stays in Clear Lounge underwater bar during 20-30 minutes. Water temperature is about 31°С, rather comfortable. Water quality is controlled by computer; water goes through filtration and chlorination. No special skills and training is required. Children above eight are allowed. The price of underwater oxygen bar experience is $38.

Guests can also additionally purchase videos, photos, canned oxygen, t-shirts and other branded souvenirs, and oxygenated fruit smoothies.

Underwater oxygen bar

Website: www.clearloungecozumel.com.

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