Twilight tourism

Twilight tourism

Unless you have been hiding out, away from sunlight, avoiding all human contact, you have probably heard of the Twilight series of vampire books. And movies too. You know that teens and moms who desire infernal love are going crazy over these books and the movie. You may also have a “Twilighter” in your own family, and she will definitely appreciate a special gift — trip to Forks, Washington.

Small town of Forks is the setting for the books and movie (although the movie was filmed in Oregon). Stephenie Meyer, the author, chose Forks sight unseen after doing a Google search for the rainiest part of the US. It’s on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, an area worth visiting even if you haven’t read the books.

If you are planning to travel to Forks, here are some points of interest.

Forks Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce runs guided Twilight tours once a month, but they are filled up through January, so you are going to have to do it on your own. But that is ok, since Forks is not that big, and they have printed up maps with all the places you need to see to make sure you get to all the important landmarks like Dr. Cullen’s hospital and Bella’s house. Plus, the Chamber’s map even comes with a little packet of beach sand and a trivia quiz to keep you occupied.

The “Bella Suite” at the Dew Drop Inn in Forks

It is decorated in a Twilight theme, right down to the red ribbon slash on the black curtains. The hotel is close to everything in Forks.

Three Rivers Resort, near the native Quileute tribe’s reservation

It’s now known for being located on the treaty line, which separates werewolf and vampire territory in Twilight. Here tourists can have Swan sandwich, Werewolf burger, Cullen clam chowder as well as other points from the Twilight menu.

Dazzled by Twilight shops

It sells everything from shot glasses to vampire stakes (for members of Team Jacob, no doubt) andTwilight-related crafts made by local vendors and artists.

The Twinkle Light Parade and Festival of Trees on Saturday, December 6

You may not get to see the sparkle of a vampire in the sunlight, but the twinkle of lights in the moonlight will be pretty fun, too. Plus, there will also be a holiday bazaar with plenty of Twilight-themed goods.

No doubt, Forks and the surrounding area are beautiful, even without the Twilight-mania sourrounding. But if Twilight is really what you’re after, they will welcome you with open fangs!

Swan House Forks
Dazzled by Twilight shops in Forks


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